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Three things you might be wondering about Plume

Sevgi Narissa YumluConnected Living
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It’s been a brain tickling month with a lot of conversations, and we have been very excited about how curious Plume fans are! 22% of the Product questions we received were about setup, 10% of them were about Pod range and physical configuration, and 9% of them were about compatibility. We admit — our Pods do look super small and cute, and we are proud that they were able to create some mystique. As a starter’s guide, here is some useful information about Plume basics. 1. Setup We work with all ISPs, communicate wirelessly, and the Pods set themselves up in 2 minutes. For more information on the specifics, here are the items we hand picked for you: What makes Plume different? Does Plume replace my modem from my Internet Service Provider? How easy is it to set up Plume? 2. Pod Range and Physical Configuration We recommend one SuperPod for every two rooms. And for those who want to really really make sure: You can set up more than recommended and get great results. This is often not the case for traditional systems. How many Plume Pods do I need? 3. Compatibility with Existing Setups Many of you have quite the connected home from wired NAS, networked DVRs, IP cameras to Ethernet wiring throughout your home. This is great, and we are working diligently to support all the configurations. Our Pods can work in either a Gateway or Bridge mode to keep all networks connected. Can I use Plume with my existing WiFi router? Can I connect all of my devices to Plume? Congratulations, you have read through Plume 101! Thanks for your amazing conversation so far; your questions and interests mean the world to us. Please do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail about anything you may have to say about Plume.