i3 Broadband Brings i3 Smart WiFi Powered by Plume to Central Illinois!

Press Release

PEORIA, Ill., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — i3 Broadband, an independent and local provider of fiber-optic Gigabit high-speed internet service, is excited to announce the rollout of i3 Smart WiFi Powered by Plume®.

The WiFi service will allow i3 Broadband’s residential customers to get the most out of their bandwidth through Plume Adaptive WiFi™, which continually enhances a home’s’ internet usage. The technology has self-optimizing capabilities that distribute a WiFi signal to devices and areas of the home that need it most.

“We always strive to offer our customers the latest in broadband technology, and i3 Smart WiFi provides another way for our customers to have a world-class internet experience,” said Dan Kennedy, President and COO of i3 Broadband.  “Want to improve WiFi coverage to all parts of your home or control your family’s internet consumption, i3 Smart WiFi gives you unmatched coverage along with industry leading control.”

**How does it work?
**i3 Smart WiFi Powered by Plume® operates through Plume SuperPods. The pods are hexagon shaped devices that plug into an outlet and carry signal throughout the home. Each home is required to have one SuperPod™ that will act as a router replacement. Depending on the size of the home, additional SuperPods will be recommended to ensure optimum WiFi coverage.

i3 Smart WiFi Powered by Plume® can be managed through the user-friendly Plume app. Users can set parental controls, grant guest access, and protect against cyber-attacks and malware.

**Get i3 Smart WiFi Powered by Plume
**i3 Broadband is currently offering i3 Smart WiFi in all of their active service areas. Customers may call their local i3 Broadband retail store to enroll and have pods shipped directly to the home. Visit i3broadband.com/internet/i3-Smart-WiFi for more information!

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