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With Flow motion awareness, your subscribers gain insights into how customers move through their business. And even get alerts while they are away.

Flow transforms indoor motion data into valuable insights

Features at a glance

Motion is detected based on monitoring the movement of WiFi waves to understand who is spending time where and when.

Helps predict demand and optimize staffing.

Leads to smarter, better merchandising and layout decisions.

Owners can set up additional alerts for when they are away or after hours.

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Reimagining what WiFi can do

Flow is just one of the new possibilities offered by our adaptive WiFi. Plume is constantly developing new Internet of Things (IoT) services to make smart networks even smarter. As a cloud-based system, these updates are easy to push out so your subscribers can always enjoy the latest innovations.

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Our adaptive WiFi uses AI to steer bandwidth where it’s needed for fast, ultra-reliable connections for business-critical applications. Also includes automatic LTE backup, enhanced visibility, and more.

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