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Reach the right audience at the right time

Take your audience’s information and present them with branded, beautiful, professional, targeted marketing collateral.

Use Nurture to advise and delight your audience, leading to upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Features at a glance

Access proven, market-deployed creative content to reach Generate-driven cohorts via email and within the HomePass app.

Select, modify, test, and approve prebuilt campaigns and activate, customize, schedule, launch, and track email campaigns or push notification messages.

Easily query the data captured in the Plume Cloud via the Generate service for use in prebuilt campaigns branded to your CSP.

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Exceed all expectations

To deliver the fast, flawless, and reliable experiences demanded by today’s smart home users, broadband service provider Armstrong opted for Plume’s cloud-driven platform.

Since adding Plume-powered solutions, Armstrong has seen:



in NPS



in customer churn

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Data to pinpoint your target audience

Produces customized targets for cohort-based sales and personalized marketing campaigns based on subscriber profiles that detail adoption rates, brand affinities, device usage, and tenure for robust user insights.

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Intelligence to reach your customers

Upsell, cross-sell, engagement, and lead-generation engines help you intelligently interact with your customers through our Campaign Delivery tool. Multichannel messaging and user engagement is designed to reach your audience in the right place at the right time with polished, engaging marketing materials.

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Insight into your audience

Our Business Analytics tool allows you to analyze customer trends, measure growth, and monitor network churn results. Audience Indices provide an in-depth look at who’s actually on your network and, more helpfully, who is not, while Device Trends analyzes application usage and adoption, as well as market shares and composite consumer scores.

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Tools to combat churn

Gives you intelligence on locations with a high risk of churn. Access to insights-driven factors helps you make decisions about subscriber retention while integration with your workflow tools may allow you to combat churn.

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Smart solutions for your home and small business subscribers


A complete suite of Smart Home Services to delight residential customers.

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Help small businesses flourish with intelligent WiFi tailored to their needs.

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