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Award-winning, adaptive WiFi for your MDU customers

By providing a WiFi service that adjusts to the needs of MDU tenants, those tenants are more likely to stay.

Harmony aligns WiFi to users’ bandwidth needs, minimizing connectivity issues in MDU environments

Features at a glance

Harmony’s proprietary AI groups localize users together, optimizing bandwidth across the entire MDU.

Harmony provides tenants with Plume’s award-winning adaptive WiFi service: all their devices will automatically be steered to the optimal channel for each device.

When certain users in a cluster require more WiFi resources for work, streaming, or gaming, Harmony’s algorithm directs more of the cluster’s bandwidth to those users, keeping them online and supported.

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Adaptive WiFi adjusts for tenants

Clustering algorithms auto-group locations based on proximity and optimize building WiFi based on usage and need. Harmony works to reduce issues around performance pockets and density-related network interference, optimizing in-unit WiFi for the tenant.

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Network management made easy

Monitor network health and give MDU property managers the capability down to the unit level to readily manage tenants’ WiFi through move-in and move-out across all their properties; including the possibility to re-use hardware. Hub provides APIs to connect the facility into other property management systems and CSP back-end systems.

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Secure, property-wide connection

Uprise provides MDUs with a private and secure WiFi network for their employees and IoT devices while also offering open WiFi for community areas, allowing tenants the opportunity to stay connected at various locations in the building. Places includes content filtering and the ability to track blocked-content violations per device.

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