March 2023

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Global smart home data usage up 21.3%

Plume IQ

According to our latest study of HomePass-powered smart homes, global broadband data usage is growing significantly. U.S. homes were the real ‘power-users’ with more than double the amount of data consumed per month than European homes, and nearly triple the amount of data consumed by Japanese homes.

Despite being below the global average increase of 21.3%, Japan returned the highest growth rate of 44.7% when comparing the second half of 2021 to the second half of 2022. By tapping our advanced device typing insights available to service providers who deploy Plume’s platform, we noted that smartphones, computers, and Smart TVs made up the top three categories driving the increase in data usage for Japanese consumers with 49.7%, 37.4%, and 24.5% growth respectively.

When it came to actual time spent using devices, productivity, and entertainment led the way in Japan with computers, set-top boxes, and smartphones all showing increases of more than 20% per day. For Japanese consumers at least, it does appear possible to mix business with pleasure.


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360° WiFi for Telenet

We’re thrilled to partner with Belgium’s Telenet and launch a brand new WiFi system powered by Plume’s cloud-based technology and featuring our iconic OpenSync-certified SuperPod designs. Telenet 360° WiFi is designed to meet the growing expectations of its subscribers providing optimized Internet connectivity to every connected device in the home.
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HomePass for Hanover

htp is the latest service provider to launch Plume HomePass in Germany and provide its customers in the Hanover region with a powerful bundle of digital services, including adaptive WiFi and A.I.-powered cybersecurity. This new partnership follows close collaboration with Breko, Germany’s leading cooperative of alternative network operators.
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A winning collaboration

Plume is delighted to collaborate with Comcast, RDK, and the global OpenSync community to contribute and bring a unified WiFi software management component for residential gateways, access points, and mesh extenders to provide advanced WiFi management and telemetry features to the RDK community.
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Intelligence drives growth

Our platform provides access to valuable intelligence and insights needed to enable service providers to manage their networks more effectively leading to reduced operational costs, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced churn. This data-driven review of 2022 smart home trends, along with predictions for 2023, offers Communications Service Providers (CSPs) a new way to think about growth opportunities.
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Wi-Fi NOW’s Claus Hetting talked to Liem Vo, Chief OpenSync Officer, on how the OpenSync open source framework is making it easier, faster, and more profitable for CSPs to deliver smart home services.
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Referencing data from Plume IQ, Digital TV Europe’s Stuart Thompson reported on the growth of virtual reality headsets, and the consumer’s shift to more data-rich applications and services.
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