January 2019

Welcome to Plume IQ - our reveal of data-driven intelligence and consumer insights from 3 billion connected devices and 60 million locations, managed by Plume’s cloud platform. The data below is from a sample of our locations.

Is Apple’s popularity shrinking in the US?

Plume IQ


Apple’s extraordinary earnings warning on January 2 was a surprise to almost everyone. Almost. At Plume, we manage more than 100 million connected devices on our cloud platform, offering us a unique vantage to glean new insights about the smart home.

Our data shows that Apple’s share of connected devices in Plume member households, while still the largest — nearly 40% at the end of December 2018 — declined steadily by more than 12% during the second half of 2018. In the same period, the other home tech giants Amazon, Samsung, and Google all grew their popularity by double digits.

These trends show how fast an ecosystem can change. Stay tuned: We’ll continue to track the trends and share our insights in future issues of Plume IQ.


Mediterranean momentum in 50 days.

Malta’s Melita is the latest operator to roll out Plume’s modern home services bundle — including Adaptive WiFi™, parental controls, guest access, and advanced security. It took Plume and Melita just 50 days from engagement to launch this new offering, demonstrating the power of Plume’s open platform approach for curating and delivering new services rapidly and at scale.

Melita’s subscribers can now enjoy fast, consistent and secure device experiences in every corner of their homes. And that’s a big deal, considering the wave of IoT devices coming in 2019. Learn more >

Connect with Plume and learn how we can get ISPs to market quickly with services that increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce support costs.


Safe. Secure. Stanley.

Close collaboration saw Stanley Black & Decker offer a sneak peek to visitors at CES of a new product called OMNI featuring:

This security and motion detection system is super-easy to install and eliminates privacy risks, set-up hassles, and high costs associated with other systems. OMNI is a perfect example of how Plume enables partners using its cloud-based platform to leverage Wi-Fi infrastructure to monetize new modern services. Learn more >

OpenSyncand TR-369.

OpenSync™ continues to build momentum. Forbes’s expert analyst Mark Vena highlights OpenSync as one of his big “Consumer ‘Smart Home’ Technology Predictions For 2019.”

OpenSync is an open-source silicon-to-service framework. TR-369 is a new standard from the Broadband Forum for managing devices. To help discern the differences, Plume’s CTO Bill McFarland compares the two in a new white paper. Bill digs into the underlying standards and device-level protocols, the shift from managing single to multiple access points, and the expansive services portfolio and upgrade capabilities that come with OpenSync. Read the white paper >