June 2024

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What's the WiFi? Tips for the Well Connected Host

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“What’s the WiFi password?” has become a common question as people enter friends’ houses, restaurants or hotels. At this point, it may even come before inquiries about the family, where the refreshments (or bathroom) are located, or even a simple “hello.” As summer barbeques, graduation festivities and pool parties are in full swing, Plume IQ looks at the impact of adding devices to WiFi networks and offers advice to help hosts prepare for their guests.

Plume IQ examined data specifically from recent summer holiday and discovered that on Memorial Day (May 27, 2024), there was a 28% increase in devices joining a network for the first time as compared to the typical Monday. This could be an indicator of the type of increase expected over the coming summer holidays. Of those devices connecting on Memorial Day, 69% were smartphones. This shows that holidays and gatherings can increase the pressure on you as a host to provide an optimal experience - but also on your network.

Memorial Day Wifi Activity

There are two things to consider when preparing your WiFi network for this influx of guests over the summer. The first is their ease in joining the network. The second is their connected experience.

For too long, adding someone new on a guest network had to come with some less-than-elegant effort. It entailed either reciting a password simple enough to repeat and remember but that would be weak for security, having to look on the back of a router for a confusing string or – even worse – handing the guest an old sticky note that’s been in a drawer for years. What great host wants to spend all week prepping the house, shopping for the best food and stocking the fridge with the coolest drinks only to have their guest’s first experience involve being handed a dirty note stuck to an old cable bill? Quick Tips for sharing wifi

Avoiding such scenarios involves being prepared – much like a host might start marinating the kabobs the night before the guests arrive. If there’s a small group coming that includes close friends and family, set up individual guest profiles and make the WiFi password their phone number, dog’s name or favorite sports team. A comprehensive WiFi management app (such as HomePass) should even ensure that your guests have internet access but cannot see other devices connected to your network. If there is a large group on the way, use that app to generate a QR code and have it printed out and framed near the entrance to your party so your guests do not even have to ask for a password.

Before your guests arrive, make sure that you and your network are ready. Check the locations of access points and consider adding more in areas that may have an increase in traffic. Making the WiFi experience as seamless as possible will let everyone focus on the celebration.

Have a great summer!

OpenSync Summit Recap

This year’s OpenSync Summit announced an expanded new roadmap for OpenSync Release 6 while OpenSync founder Plume unveiled an aggressive new go-to-market model for distributors and ODMs: ‘Plume PxO’ (Powered by ODM) enables partners to bundle Plume ‘HomePass’ and ‘Frontline’ service subscriptions into hardware sales. OpenSync is now backed by more than 30 CPE manufacturers and 400 service providers, the organisation says. The tagline for the event was “easier, faster, more valuable.”

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News Roundup

“We are a society that both supports corporate social responsibility and has some skepticism about it. However, Plume Design, Inc. has demonstrated how to launch initiatives that involve and excite entire teams, and that can bring concrete benefits beyond their community.

Jasna Mihelj Coustaury, General Manager of European Operations for Plume Design, Inc., in Slovenia joined us recently to share their story.”

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“OpenSync Lite will support a somewhat reduced set of Wi-Fi management features but will retain what are arguably the most important: Cloud-based Wi-Fi optimisation and QoE delivered via Plume’s adaptive Wi-Fi. Plume’s ‘Haystack’ – featuring analysis, monitoring, and troubleshooting for CSPs – is fully supported, Plume says. For more details also see here. OpenSync Lite also enables Plume’s HomePass app for CSP subscribers to manage their network.”

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#PlumeStrong sent six riders to support the ride and at the closing ceremony, Plume CEO Fahri Diner and Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries gave a joint speech encouraging the enthusiastic cycling crowd to support the upcoming #PSCC24 in September.

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