November 2021

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What’s driving WiFi 6 device deployments?

Plume IQ

WiFi 6 arrived to a wave of excitement, promising increased throughput, improved latency, power savings and enhanced security, all maximized when paired with cloud-control. Two-years following the arrival of the first devices, we dipped into data from the Plume Cloud to look at the latest deployment growth rates:

  • U.S. leads Europe: Over the 6-month study period, WiFi 6 deployments grew by 63% compared to 45% in Europe. Do U.S. consumers refresh their tech more often?
  • Tablets returned the highest growth: The most common WiFi 6 devices in Plume homes were—in order—smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, in terms of WiFi 6 growth rates, tablets led with 107% growth rate, followed by smartphones ( 55% ), and laptops ( 50% ).
  • **Apple is the prime mover:Three brands are driving WiFi 6 device growth in Plume homes: Samsung (27%), Google (39%), and Apple, which is setting the pace with a massive375%**growth rate over the study period.

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Other Plume news

Plume IQ November 2021 - Quote - Citizens v2

Another Plume deployment

We’re thrilled that U.S.-based Citizens Telephone Cooperative has launched Advanced WiFi, powered by Plume HomePass! This cloud-driven offering will give customers complete control over their home networks, and leverage Plume's bundle of Smart Home Services, including adaptive WiFi, AI-powered cybersecurity, advanced access controls, and more.
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Plume IQ November 2021 - OpenSync v2

Webinar: The rise of OpenSync

In just over three years OpenSync has risen to become the most widely supported open-source, silicon-to-cloud framework for delivering cloud- and AI-driven services. Join Plume’s Niall Robinson and Liberty Global’s Senior Product Manager, Willem van Kempen, as they discuss OpenSync’s stellar progress, and how Liberty Global is expanding the reach of its intelligent WiFi services in partnership with Plume.

Plume IQ November 2021 - Award v2

Alright on the night

We're honored to share that we've received the Best Cyber Security Award for our Guard service at the Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA) awards! We'd like to thank the judges and acknowledge our customers who continue to rely on our industry-defining technology to keep their subscribers safe and secure.
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Plume IQ November 2021 - Whitepaper v2

New whitepaper

In today’s hyper-connected environments, where wireless dominates and the number of connected devices in the average home increases every day, traditional methods of measuring Quality of Service (QoS) are inadequate. Plume’s transformative Quality of Experience (QoE) metric is a measure of connection quality that captures the customer’s actual experience.
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Plume IQ November 2021 - In The News

News round up

In our latest article, we address how service providers can innovate and meet customer demand in a world that is rife with cord-cutting.
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Forbes’s Serenity Gibbons highlights the importance of high-performing WiFi in driving the post-Covid economic recovery.
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Bit Rebels’s Awais Ahmed pinpoints the three tech solutions needed to transform a workplace into an *intelligent,*services-driven space .
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